buzz, buzz

The world is filled with noise.

Our lives have a constant soundtrack, background music to fill in the awkward silences. Except in this day and age, there’s so much going on there isn’t any room for silence.

We make noise; our phones are ringing, our cars are honking, our cities are buzzing with electricity. We wake up with alarm clocks, go to work listening to music, and end the day watching TV. We spend our days living with artificial noises, watching an artificial world.

We never stop.

We never hear the rain fall.

We never listen to the birds chirp.

We never hear the wind rustle in the trees or hear the squirrels playing in the yard. We never hear the flapping of a hummingbirds wings or appreciate the patter a dog’s paws makes against the ground.

Our world is filled with man made noise instead of the simple sounds given to us by nature. We spend too much time focusing on the soundtrack of our lives, but we need to stop and appreciate the lovely silence.

The silence where you can hear your own heart beat. The silence where everything feels calm and relaxing. Where there’s nothing going on you can just sleep and dream. You can forget your worries and live in that single moment.

We need silence.


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