Thoughts swirl in your mind.

The negativity takes over.

Then you’re running, jumping in. The hopeless feeling weighs you down. The water embraces you. You feel a darkness taking hold of you. Your body goes numb from the cold. Your arms are suddenly too heavy to hold up, and you feel your knees giving out.

The pain clings to you. Its pulling you. Crying, sobbing, screaming, the tears fall down your face.The water catches them, caressing you as it starts to take you down.

Everything feels cold, nothing provides comfort. Everything fell apart at once, everything came crashing down, all you worked for, vanished.

Worthless. You start going down.

It’s winning. It’s enticing, and its about take you down.

You’re drowning.

Then suddenly, a hand grabs you.  Confused and dazed, your lungs begin to work again. Warmth replaces the cold. Arms surround you, holding you up. The darkness is replaced with a blue sky.

“Its okay,” it whispers “You’re going to be okay.”



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