A slight breeze caresses my face as I step outside. The moon is still up. Some light filters through the trees. Everything smells of dirt and gravel, of earth, as things do after a big storm. A fresh set of plants are sprouting, and the once brown grass is now a dark green.

Around me everything is silent, the wildlife is still asleep.

Everything is so peaceful.

I shift by pack, and begin to move forward. Puddles and fallen branches surround me, marking the trail I follow. Yellow leaves fall carelessly to the ground, marking the beginning of fall. They crunch underneath my boots.

The trail leads me to a familiar hill, I climb with ease. The clouds start shifting, the sky becoming warmer. I pull out a blanket from by pack, spreading it at the top of the hill. Around me the sky begins to change. Shades of red, yellow, and orange dance across the sky. Faint traces of pink tease the clouds.

Around me birds begin chirping, squirrels are playfully chasing each other. I eagerly watch the sky. Its breathtaking.

The sun sends the moon away , bringing the promise of a new day.


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