emma mercury//a concept

A blissful morning, filled with smells of coffee and pancakes wafting through the air. Bright sunshine lights up the room, as she gazes out her window to the watch the busy street life below.

Indie bands create the soundtrack to her morning. Mellow songs, groovy tunes, guitar strumming sounds that make her dance. A warm bubble bath filled with rose petals and candles takes her away for half an hour.

A blank page in cluttered notebook awaits to be filled with her thoughts and doodles. She flips through old drawings, old poems, old ideas. A happy mindset filled with happy thoughts.

Streaks of paint line her tattered Levis, a battle scar from the murals lining the walls. A quick glance reveals flowers, portraits, the creativity that flows through her head.

Throwing on a faded t-shirt and putting her hair into a messy bun, she heads out, while her mind dreams of the adventures to come.


inspiration: Emma


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