poetry #2

A couple of poems written at 3AM// enjoy
It’s 3 AM
I lay in bed,
Staring at the clock above my head,
Surrounding me a blanket of night,
And every now and then some blinking car lights.
Around me silence as everyone sleeps,
Except for the girl with insomniatic dreams.

Another night of sleepless rest
Surrounded by darkness’ caress.
It’s an odd thought to realize
That most don’t appreciate the night sky.
The stars, the moon, the night,
A twinkling paradise filled with light.
The world is asleep, yet I’m awake.
Able to catch a glimpse of the first sun rays.

A restless feeling in my soul,
An aching feeling in my bones.
My tired eyes long for sleep,
And more energy for me to keep.
But here I am awake again,
And it’s just barely 3AM.
Yet this is a moment I long for,
The Moon holds my secrets and more.

Oh dear moon with watchful eye,
How lonely it must be for you at night.
The sun gets all the glory,
Watching us when we’re alive.
You see nothing but the sleeping children, dreaming of a new tomorrow.
And get chased away as soon as its time to rise.
Oh lonely moon that haunts the night,
I’m here to tell you,
I’m awake with you tonight.
Together we may lay, watching the world sleep until its time to rise.

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